Hello summer! I’m gearing up for long walks in the sunshine and soaking up pool days. There are a few things I have been loving lately that I wanted to share with you! A few new apparel finds, fun recipes I’m loving from other creators, and books that I can’t put down.

Homemade English muffins. This recipe is super easy (no sourdough starter required) and the muffins turn out fluffy and delicious. Try adding garlic, scallions, or any leftover herbs for a savory take. Or cinnamon and raisins for something a little more sweet. Grab the recipe here.

Exercise dresses. My summer uniform. I have two of the original Outdoor Voices dress that I love. I decided to mix it up this summer and ordered this Nike Women’s Bliss Luxe Training Dress from Dick’s in Canyon Rust and Light Bone. They were on sale- a great deal and awesome quality. PS if you know me you know if I like something and it’s a good deal, I always buy multiple in different colors. Classic Rebecca. Both of these dresses have shorts underneath. This Fila Women’s Tie Breaker Tennis Dress I bought does not have shorts, but it was such a good deal I didn’t mind buying them separately. I bought these shorts at Kohl’s in Daydream Purple and they matched perfectly.

New swimwear. Although it’s been a while since I’ve bought something new, I found a few that I really loved! I’m especially loving the Aerie Crossover High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom. Guys, I’ve been wanting to make the high waisted bikini work for me for years and it just hasn’t. I finally found one that I love! This crossover shape is super flattering. Although, the link provided is not the exact print I bought- I purchased it at the outlet and can’t find it online. Nonetheless, I highly recommend this style. I also love this color block one piece I bought on Amazon. I’m very into the new color block trend. Although this one is obviously not going to last as long or be as great quality as Summersalt (the original color block, about $100 – I do love love love their branding), it’s very cute, flattering, and a great price.

My new wide brim hat. I wear it everywhere all the time! The hat was a Mother’s Day gift I requested and I intend on wearing it to death.

Obsessing over EWG ratings of my sunscreen. I’ve gone down a deep hole so that you don’t have to. Stay away from toxins and stick to lower SPFs. I love Badger for baby girl and Alba or Bare Republic for me. Again, be sure to stick with the lower SPFs when you can, as the higher SPFs tend to include harsher ingredients.

This racerback tank. Like I said, if I like it I buy it in multiple colors! I have this tank in four colors. It’s so simple and I love the snug fit. It’s lightweight and pairs perfectly with jean shorts, leggings, running shorts, whatever.

I’ve also been catching up on lots of reading! Feel free to follow me on GoodReads. Here are a few of my favorites over the past few months:

This silicone bento box for snacks and lunches on-the-go is a must. It’s from a local woman-owned company based out of Austin, TX! These lunchboxes are perfect for a day at the park or the pool. They’re easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and hold lots of munchies.

Feel like reminiscing? Check out some of my older Loving Lately blog posts like this one from July 2020 or April 2020. These posts are fun when I’m in a recipe rut and I hope you enjoy them too! Just a little snippet of my life here.

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