It’s July and summertime is in full-swing here in Dallas. It feels like 100°F out and iced coffee melts into watery cold coffee quickly. You might be able to fry an egg on the sidewalk if you so desired. So what am I loving lately?

Sourdough. Who isn’t? It’s a craze since quarantine started and I’m so on board. My friend Erin shared some sourdough starter with me and I’ve somehow kept it alive for a few months now. I store it in my fridge to slow down the growth. Every other week or so I feed it and leave it on the counter to activate it. Then I can bake up a loaf of fresh bread with herbs from my garden. I keep it super simple by feeding based on volume, so I don’t have a scale, just measuring cups. I use this recipe for EMILIE’S EVERYDAY SOURDOUGH everytime.

Glamping. We spent the weekend at Getaway House outside Dallas for my birthday weekend and it was a blast! It’s a tiny home about an hour and a half outside Dallas, in the middle of the woods. We hiked a few trails in a nearby state park, picked fresh blueberries at a farm, played board games and ate s’mores for dinner and then again for breakfast. It was so much fun to disconnect from the city and felt a little nostalgic, like we were at sleepaway camp! Another huge plus was that they allow dogs in the tiny homes, so Bentley was able to tag along too.

PS if you’re interested in Getaway House, you can use my code RLILLY for $25 off a getaway of your own!

Juices. Green ones and immunity ones to be exact. I’ve always been a big fan of green juices. They are super hydrating and packed with nutrients. Lately I’ve been adding a green juice and GTL immunity elixir to my morning routine. I’ve been stocking up on Suja’s Mighty Dozen from Sam’s Club. It’s packed with apples, celery, cucumber, kale and colard greens. I’m also a big fan of Whole Food’s bottled juices in the pre-cut fruit section!

Baithing suit season. I’ve been on our rooftop patio enjoying the sunshine. I’m loving the opportunity to break out my baithing suits! This Florida girl used to live in baithing suit season all year round. Two of my favorites include this one from Amazon and another from Aerie that I bought a few years ago, this one is similar, but with an added bandeau that I wish I had.

Turmeric face scrub. With all this sunshine, it’s important to protect your skin with suncreen and for me, repair it with turmeric. Did you know that too much sun exposure can makes acne scars even more noticeable and less likely to fade over time? Ugh! No thanks! That’s why I love this turmeric face scrub. Turmeric encourages bright, even skin-tone, and helps to clear acne scars!

That’s all for now folks. Hope you’re enjoying the summer sun (and using sunscreen!).

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