What I’m loving lately… stay at home edition. Except, that makes it sound like I’ve been at this series for awhile, but have decided to throw a stay at home edition in. That’s not quite the case.

This is my first WHAT I’M LOVING LATELY post in a new series! I’m currently feeling a little stumped in the recipe creation bit of my brain. Instead of letting it get me down, I’m leading myself into a new creative corner!

As of last Saturday, Justin and I have been staying at home for a whole month. I know we’re not alone in this. Millions of people are now isolated into their homes until further notice while medical professionals fight a world-wide pandemic. While we’ve all had some time to adjust over the past few weeks, it still some how seems temporay, like at any minute I’ll stroll back into the office to hug and squeeze my co-workers like it’s the first day of school.

So today I wanted to share some little things I’ve been loving lately that are bringing me joy and comfort in a time of uncertainty.

Cookies. Justin has been on a baking kick for the past year with bagels, but lately it’s been cookies. We’ve made some awful cookies, but ever since finding THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE RECIPE EVER, we have been addicted. Although the recipe says no chilling, we recommend chilling your dough for one hour before baking. I’m also a big fan of these COOKIE SKILLET INDIVIDUALS, that are dairy-free, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. A few personal favorite cookies recipes from my blog? Try these STRAWBERRY DATE TAHINI COOKIES, CHOCOLATE COVERED OATMEAL BREAKFAST COOKIES or CHUNKY MONKEY COOKIES.

Candles. It’s not like I lit candles at my desk at work… but I am just really loving setting a calm mood in my work environment at home. I light a few candles and play some good mood music. My favorite candles are from Rewined, which I featured in a Holiday Gift Guide a few years back as well.

Running shorts. I’m trying not to do a ton of online shopping at the moment, but I have bought a few pairs of running shorts from Dick’s Sporting Goods for $8-$12 each (what a deal!). I’m not a huge runner, but they’re just comfy for summer athleisure and dog walking.

Virtual workouts. Who knew I had the motivation in me? Certainly not I. Ha! I’ve been utilizing GRIT FITNESS virtual classes to live stream my favorite instructors and class formats into my living room. There are tons of great virtual workouts out there, but if you’re interested in joining GRIT, it’s only $49/mo for unlimited virtual classes on-demand. Most of the classes utilize body weight, light weights like soup cans or a kitchen towel for resistance.

Books. I’m trying not to get too sucked into the television. I’ve never been a huge TV person and it seems like an easy trap now that we’re stuck at home. Plus reading books before bed leads to a better night’s rest than the blue lights of the TV! I just finished The Glass Castle and am now reading All the Light We Cannot See. One plus of quarantine? My library books are way past due without any fees. Downside? They’re not open for me to get new books either!

What are some of your favorite things lately? Share them in the comments!

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