Ever since I started working for Southwest, all I wanted to do was go hiking. I mean, typical Florida girl sees only flat land for twenty five years… obviously I need some serious mountain time. Arizona had been on my list all year and when our college football team made it to the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, babe finally agreed to a trip (how convenient!).

We flew into Phoenix and stopped their for breakfast before heading to the Grand Canyon.

Vovomeena was absolutely delicious. I ordered the Wilcox Avenue with turkey sausage and babe had the classic egg sandwich. They had the cutest coffee station that was ‘help yourself’ and included almond milk… SCORE.

The Grand Canyon was stunning. We walked along the Lower Rim Trail, which was a little over three hours from PHX airport. Bright Angel Trail lead us down into the canyon on a fairly easy hike aside from the ice. Apparently you can hike thru the Canyon in two days! There was also a market in the park that was super convenient for hiking snacks and restrooms. Babe insisted that he needed trail mix in order to hike the trail.

We stayed in Scottsdale that night and spent the next day wandering the city.

Breakfast Club had wonderful service, but very mediocre food.

Camelback Mountain may have been an even better hike than the Grand Canyon. It’s right in the city of Scottsdale- maybe ten minutes from our hotel. The farther we hiked, the more interesting the trail became. It’s beautiful, but you certainly don’t recognize it’s length until you’re an hour or two in. It became a bit of a rock climb half way thru too. A good challenge for newbies like us!

Sauce Pizza & Wine had some great options for salads, pizzas and sandwiches. I ordered the vegetable salad with salmon and babe ordered a pizza. Nothing to write home about, but a convenient spot with healthy options.

O.H.S.O Brewery & Distillery had an adorable outdoor area with heaters and a great deal on drinks. It started to pour, so we cuddled up near a heater and babe ordered a pitcher of AZ beer for $7.

The Herb Box was OUTSTANDING. Justin and I both ordered the herb encrusted half chicken bagna cauda and I literally licked my plate. A huge portion size and full of flavor! It’s a MUST. The ambience is perfect for a romantic date night at an affordable price.

The next morning we drove over to Glendale for the football game and stopped in Phoenix for breakfast again.

Matt’s Big Breakfast was another DELICIOUS spot. Apparently it was on ‘Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives’ too! I ordered off of the sides menu- eggs, home fries and chicken apple sausage. Babe ordered the Hog & Chick, which is the same but with bacon or pork sausage. The home fries were out of this world! Tossed in fresh rosemary and perfectly crispy! YUM.

Then we were off to the game and scrambling back to the airport. I hope you enjoy the area and make some time for the beautiful hikes and delicious food too!

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