I love a good intentions list! I always have. Ok, some call them resolutions. There’s something inspiring about millions of people around the world all using one same day as a benchmark to set new goals. Yes, some people have the same resolutions year after year that never come to fruition due to their own lack of motivation or realism. I like to use this time to create mindful goals though. A change of attitude, a small action with a large impact, or draw of attention to a particular aspect of my life that I may have let fall to the back burner. There’s only one goal that I let slide and tends to reoccur every year; read more books. But I’ll let that be the exception. I’m allowed one, okay?

This year’s intentions seem even more special than previous. This year I’m sharing them with you. I’m logging them here, on my blog, for all to see. Well that certainly is one way to hold yourself accountable, isn’t it?

Here is my laundry list of intentions. The more I make, the more likely I am to reach lots of them. See my strategy there?

  1. Read more books.
  2. Take it slow. Appreciate the moment before rushing into the next. You’ll never get it back again.
  3. Practice more yoga. It’s good for you. Mind, body and spirit. Plus it’s cheaper than a therapist.
  4. Take a break from the office. Leave your desk at lunch for some movement and sunshine. It does the body good and whatever you’re doing CAN WAIT.
  5. Let go of the guilt. When you’re feeling guilty, try communicating SIMPLY. Don’t get caught up in your emotions and don’t fret about what you may have said or done differently. You know when others act on good intentions, believe that this can be seen in you as well.
  6. Make more time for Justin. Quality time. Eat meals together, run together. Being in the same room and doing different things doesn’t count.
  7. While I’m at it, find a new hobby we both enjoy!
  8. Work smarter, not harder. Rather than take on too many projects, prioritize your time and value it as such.
  9. Dress nicer. Leggings are great, but the way you dress can have an influence on how you carry yourself. Make more of an effort to ‘put yourself together’.
  10. Be more patient. We all know you’re excited. Take a chill pill. Let those with a quieter voice be heard.
  11. Create new family traditions for Justin & myself.
  12. Write more thank you notes. Everyone loves surprise snail mail and it’s a great way to show you care.

Cheers to 2019!

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Hi friend, I’m so happy to see you! I’m Rebecca, health and wellness enthusiast, recipe developer, mama, and busy bee located in the suburbs of Dallas, TX. I’m here to share my wellness journey with you by creating delicious recipes and sharing tips to simplify ‘healthy’. Welcome to my blog.

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